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Cemetery List
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Cemetery Name Street Location Description
J. Hanson Cemetery West side of Middle Rd 2.2 miles from jct West Rd - 100 yds on old woods road Survey Condition: 45' x 40' 100 yds. by Batchelder Farm
J. Henderson Cemetery Lost now to widening of Rts 202 and 5 Survey Condition:
J. Lord Cemetery Chadbourne's Ridge Ext. - SE side - may be lost Survey Condition:
J. Mills Cemetery Chadbourne Ridge Rd. Ext.- may be lost Survey Condition: N/A
J. Sanborn Cemetery Middle Rd. west side 2.6 miles from jnct Ross Rd/Clark's Bridge Road Survey Condition: 30' x 75' with metal bars/stone posts
Jellerson Cemetery Jellerson Rd. east side 1/3 mile from Rt 202 Survey Condition: Fenced with piping
John Henderson Cemetery Ross Corner opposite CMP Pole 19 about 1 mile from Clark's Bridge Road Survey Condition: 20-30 ft in from CMP pole 19
Johnson (II) Cemetery Rt 5 west side North Waterboro - above the field Survey Condition: 45' x 54' stonewall w/ iron gate
Johnson Cemetery Federal St. SE side about 9/10 mile from West Rd. Survey Condition: Area surrounded by fence
Johnston Cemetery Waterboro Rd. East side at jnc. Whitehouse Rd./Hollis townline Survey Condition: Fenced with iron pipe in field by Hollis
Jonathan Thompson Cemetery Ossipee Hill Rd. SE side rear of Henry Thompson Cemeteryabout 1/4 mile into woods. Survey Condition:
Jones Cemetery East side of Rte 5 at jct. of Lillian Way in N. Waterboro. Survey Condition: 30' x 50' w/granite posts/barbed wire
Joshua Hill Cemetery Ross Corner Road on east side 1.1 miles from Clark's Bridge Rd. Survey Condition: 16' x 20' with new chain/metal posts
Knights/Kimball Cemetery Rt. 5 on West side North Waterboro North side of Knight's Farm Survey Condition: 27' x 54' stone wall on knoll
L. Walker Cemetery West side Knight Rd. about 1/8 to 1/4 mile in from Ossipee Hill Road. Above sand bank in trees. N 43 34.582 W 70 44.031 Survey Condition: 5 field stones 2 marked no walls or protection.

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