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187 Main St., PO Box 308, East Waterboro, ME 04030 - (207)247-3363 - librarian@waterborolibrary.org

Monday 2pm - 8pm
Tuesday 2pm - 8pm
Wednesday 9am - 3pm
Thursday 2pm - 8pm
Friday Closed
Saturday 9am - 2pm
Sunday Closed

Policies & Procedures

Computer Use Policy

The Waterboro Public Library operates a network of publicly available computers featuring high-speed Internet access and popular productivity software such as Word, Excel, and other commonly used programs. Systems are configured and maintained by the Waterboro Public Library staff, exclusively.

No computer user shall install and/or use any software not present on the system as configured by the staff, nor shall they change the Home Page from the Waterboro Public Library website.

All users must sign in at the Circulation Desk prior to and after each use. Each user will be allotted a period of 45 minutes on the computer, and may be given more time at the discretion of the staff.

Any damage to these systems will be the responsibility of the user.

Revised: 3/22/2007
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