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Our History

The Waterboro Public Library, founded and originally sponsored by the Massabesic Lioness Club, was first located in two rooms on the second floor of the Regional Medical Arts Building on Route 202 in Waterboro, Maine. This Medical Center was once a school building and was taken over by the Massabesic Lions Club. In 1984, the Lions and Lioness worked together to remodel the library's two rooms, wallpapering, painting, constructing book shelves, insulating, installing electric heat and new windows, and lowering the ceilings.

At the same time, the Lioness appealed to the state library and other libraries in Maine for books to start the Library and were overwhelmed with over 10,000 books given by residents, schools, and other libraries. The Lioness bought, found, sorted, cataloged, and arranged books, with the guidance of the Southern Maine Library District and with the dedication and work of many Lioness members.

In January 1985, after six months of preparatory work, the Waterboro Public Library was officially opened. Over 200 people attended the dedication ceremonies with town officials and Lions Club members speaking and presenting awards to those who made outstanding efforts on behalf of the project.

In the early 1990s, the Library outgrew the rooms in the Medical Center and moved to the old elementary school building on Route 5, next to the East Waterboro post office.

Going into the 21st century, the Library is outgrowing this building as well, but we're still at this location, building new shelves and rearranging our space as needed to accommodate new books, displays, computer tables, story hour space, and working areas.

Though the history of the Waterboro Public Library isn't long, it is marked by volunteer leadership and community effort, dedicated staff, strong town support, and steady growth. We hope the coming years reflect the same!

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