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Homeschooling - References

Reference Desk.Com
"The single best source for facts on the Net." Start here! Calendars, 100s of sources for facts at a glance, fact finders, lots of subjects. Only downside is that many links in subject section aren't annotated. Best feature is Facts at a Glance section!

Encyclopedia Britannica
FREE Search! (Some articles require subscription.) Enough said.

Merriam Webster Dictionary Online
Features on-line dictionaries, thesaurus, word games, word of the day, and lots more.

Offers physical and political maps and lots of facts and statistics about the countries of the world, including modern history, trading partners, capital, system of government, area, population, climate, demographics, religions, languages, currency, economy, and military.

Encyclopedia Mythica
Search, or browse by type of mythology, over 4,500 articles and many illustrations, maps, and genealogical tables related to mythology and mythological characters.

Lives, the Biography Resource (Kenneth Lanxner)
Links to thousands of biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, letters, narratives, oral histories and more. Arranged by region, profession, time period, alpha order, etc. Special collections for women, African-Americans, Canadians, Austrialians/New Zealanders, Civil War, Holocaust Survivors and Rescuers, more. Birthdays listed for each week. Bios of DEAD people only.

Measure For Measure (Judi Wolinsky)
Links to interactive calculators in categories of Science/Math (over 50 calculators), Health (over 36), Finance (more than 30), and the oft-whimsical Everything Else (almost 100). Useful, and fun, too!

BUBL LINK Information Service
Links to over 11,000 Internet resources in academic subject areas of General Reference, Engineering and Technology, Creative Arts, Health Studies, Humanities, Life Sciences, Language/Literature/Culture, Mathematics and Computing, Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences. Well-organised. Annotated.

Best Info on the Net (O'Keefe Library, St. Ambrose Univ. - Davenport, IA)
Links listed in alphabetical order by subject, or within these topic guides: Resources by Major; Hot Paper Topics; Alphabetical Index; Student Resources; Faculty Resources; Online Reference Resources; Disability Resources; Current Events; Resources for Librarians.

Awesome Library
"Awesome Library organizes the Web with 14,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5% in education." Search with keywords, or browse subjects: Arts, English, Math, ENGLISH, Science, Social Studies, Health and PE, Technology, Languages, Specialised, Titles, Authors, Lessons, Reference, Magazines, Special Ed. Also sections for kids, parents, teachers, etc. Not a huge site, but a selective one.

Internet Public Library Reference Center
Well-annotated links in the broad categories of Reference, Arts & Humanities, Business & Economics, Computers & Internet, Education, Entertainment & Leisure, Health & Medical Sciences, Law/Government/Political Science, Sciences & Technology, and Social Sciences. These topics are then further sub-divided. IPL also offers a Teen Section with its own categories.

High School Hub (Dyann K. Schmidel, Ph.D. - Baldwinsville, NY)
Some sections updated daily. Includes Daily SAT question, news summaries, NPR top stories, NY Times news quiz, PBS NewsHour, Today in U.S. History, Yahoo! Daily News. Also featured sites in various school subjects, exam preps, college prep subject guides, extensive reference desk, learning games and puzzles, poetry contest, more.

Kids Info: Encyclopedias
Links to 14 on-line encyclopedias and dictionaries, most searchable.

Kids Info: Almanacs
Links to 11 on-line almanacs, most searchable.

Kids Info: Atlases
Links to 7 on-line atlases.

The Periodic Table
On-line interactive periodic table of elements, from Chemical Elements.Com. Click on an element to learn about it. All kinds of funky ways to view the table.

Very handy bunch of math tables, organised by math subtopic.

Ask An Expert: Browse Categories (Pitsco)
If you can't find the answer to your questions anywhere else, you can leave a question for one of 100s of experts at this Web site! You can also browse the experts' categories. Most of the experts have their own Web sites, too, so you can visit them first. "The Kid-Friendly Expert Site!"

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Resources are ranked within each topic; the first listed is the most useful and the last the least useful, in my opinion. This is based on depth and breadth of content, quality of links, ease of use, organisational structure, and general appearance.

A resource ranked last may be a great resource for a limited audience, or it may be an OK resource that's meant for a large audience. I have not listed resources I found to be anything but great or good, except for national organisations. Suggestions are always welcomed.
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