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Homeschooling - General Resources

Online Homeschools Guide
Compare reviews for online homeschools.

Jon's Home School Resource Page (Jon Shemitz)
Well organised, lots of content and links. Mailing lists, FAQs, magazines and newsletters, resources for gifted & talented and learning disabilities, legal information, list of homeschool home pages, much more.

Eclectic Homeschool Online
Wonderful site, updated semi-monthly. Feature articles, regular departments, discussion boards, chats, support/shopping/learning resources, news, book reviews, letters to editor. Lots of content here, thoughtful articles.

Free Stuff & Samples
Free Homeschooling Resources - Whether you are considering homeschool or you are already committed to educating your children in the home, finding resources for this method of learning can be daunting. However, it does not have to be expensive. Check us out!

About.Com: Homeschooling [Was Mining Company]
Links in these sections: Community, Computers, Crafts, Curriculum Sources, Distance Learning, Family, FAQs, Field Trips, Fine Arts, Free Stuff, Games, Getting Started, High School, History, Home Economics, Homeschool Methods, Homeschool News, Internet Safety, Kindergarten, Language Arts, Learning, Math, Preschool, Record Keeping, Research Resources, Science, Special Needs, Support Groups, Unit Studies, Used Curriculum, and subject library. Plus lots of articles, chats, forums. Includes section on Unschooling, with links to about 20 articles, FAQs, interviews, etc.

The Homeschool Zone
FAQ, interactive online groups, weekly events, author interviews, newsletters, newsletter library of interviews/book reviews/articles, recipes, crafts. Also section on free things: pictures, games, puzzles, recipes, crafts, etc.

Homeschooling FAQs, support groups by state (6 listed for Maine, 01/02), links to online courses, New To Homeschooling section. Major section is Homeschooling Resources, organised by topic: Art & Music; Internet Services; College; Language Arts; Computer Skills; History; Creative Household; Learning Styles; Current Events; Magazines; Curriculum; Math; Distance-Learning; School Supplies; Early Childhood; Science; Foreign Language; Software/Videos; Gifted Education; Special Needs; Independent Study; and Work at Home. Note that all their links are to commercial sites.

Awesome Library's Homeschool Section (Awesome Library)
Provides annotated links to legal resources, papers and articles, lesson plans, projects to do, general resources.

Jon's Home School Mailing Lists/Discussion Boards/News Groups (Jon Shemitz)
Talk lists for homeschooling and unschooling parents and kids. Includes link to the most popular, home-ed.

School is Dead; Learn in Freedom! (Karl M. Bunday)
Lengthy persuasive hypertext essay on learning in freedom, with links to books, resource guides, magazines, articles, Web resources, etc. Also offers A-Z Index of site.

Jon's Unschooling Page (Jon Shemitz)
With essays on unschooling, web pages, and mail lists.

Home School Legal Defense Association
Current news stories, articles, links to laws and organisations within each state,

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Resources are ranked within each topic; the first listed is the most useful and the last the least useful, in my opinion. This is based on depth and breadth of content, quality of links, ease of use, organisational structure, and general appearance.

A resource ranked last may be a great resource for a limited audience, or it may be an OK resource that's meant for a large audience. I have not listed resources I found to be anything but great or good, except for national organisations. Suggestions are always welcomed.
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