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Homeschooling - Faith Based Resources

Christian Resources

Homeschool Channel (Crosswalk)
Sections on curriculum, how to begin, regular columnists, on-line support groups, organisations, features.

Catholic Homeschool Support
Articles, e-newsletter, support group finder, Catholic curriculums, Catholic homeschool vendors, homeschool links, Catholic links, All Saints/Halloween Party ideas. Searchable.

Muslim Resources

ArabesQ - Islamic Homeschool and Arabic Resources Online
A little confusing to navigate, but has resources including message board; free worksheets; a curriculum outline (suggestions and links to resources), subject by subject, for homeschooling the Muslim child; links to Islamic and secular lesson plans; thematic cultural units on Spanish history, African history, Ottoman history, Egypt studies, French history, and Ramadhan; online field trips. Also offers a fee-based Islamic Academy program.

Muslim Home School Network and Resource (Attleboro, MA)
Sections on Home School Information for the Novice and the Experienced; Muslim Homeschooling Convention; Magazine for the Muslim Homeschooler and Educator; Membership; Home Studies Reference Desk; and a listing of Full-time Islamic Schools; more.

Islamic Virtual School
Developed as a place for students to learn while having fun, this site offers games to learn Arabic Vocabulary, Writing Arabic, Counting in Arabic, Allah's Names, and more. Also, articles on raising and teaching children (including "A 6-step guide to getting religious accommodation in the public school system" and "7 Tips for Muslim Students");

Our Seeds: Homeschooling the Muslim Family
Homeschooling resources, information and networking for Muslim parents, playgroup info, kids' resources, crafts and activities, an archive of articles for homeschoolers, teachers and parents, and info on Taqwa Gayong Academy, "a full-time Islamic homeschool for children in spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual and physical need of a holistic Islamic educational environment."

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Resources are ranked within each topic; the first listed is the most useful and the last the least useful, in my opinion. This is based on depth and breadth of content, quality of links, ease of use, organisational structure, and general appearance.

A resource ranked last may be a great resource for a limited audience, or it may be an OK resource that's meant for a large audience. I have not listed resources I found to be anything but great or good, except for national organisations. Suggestions are always welcomed.
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