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Homeschooling - Character Education

Character Education Reading List (Boston University Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character)
List of print resources related to character building and education.

Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education (Character Education Partnership)
Eleven principles listed and described.

Essay on Character: Teaching Ethical Behavior (Diane Walker - About.Com)
Articles on ethics in public schools, sexual integrity for teens, ethics of animal rights, how NOT to teach character education, etc.

Teaching the Virtues (Christina Hoff Sommers - Clark University)
Lengthy essay focuses on teaching ethics (not morals).

Building Character Through Literature (Lorraine Curry, Eclectic Homeschool)
Discussion of (Christian) character building through reading the Bible, classics of literature, fables and fairytales, biographies, historical literature. Book links unfortunately lead only to Amazon.com.

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