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John Gould (1908 - 2003)

Genre: General Fiction, Non-Fiction

John Gould (born 22 Oct. 1908) lived in Gorham (previously in Lisbon Falls) and for years wrote a weekly column for the Christian Science Monitor, which provides an April 2001 interview with Gould on its website. Gould gathered 50 years of those columns for his book Dispatches from Maine: 1942-1992 (1994).

Among his other books -- there are more than 30 -- are:

  • New England Town Meeting - Safeguard of Democracy (1940)
  • Pre-Natal Care for Fathers (1941)
  • Farmer Takes a Wife (1945)
  • Fastest Hound Dog in the State of Maine (1945)
  • The House That Jacob Built (1947), in which Gould rebuilds the house his grandfather built and tells about the family that's lived there
  • And One to Grow on: Recollections of a Maine Boyhood (1949): About his boyhood in Lisbon Falls, where his family has lived for generations
  • Neither Hay Nor Grass (1951)
  • The Fastest Hound Dog In The State Of Maine (1953), a funny book of tall tales about Maine
  • Monstrous depravity: A Jeremiad and a Lamentation [about things to eat] (1963)
  • The Parables of Peter Partout (1964)
  • You Should Start Sooner, In Which Widely Separated Topics are Strangely Discussed by an Old Cuss (1965)
  • Last One in: Tales of a New England Boyhood (1966)
  • Europe on Saturday Night: The Farmer and his Wife Take a Trip (1968)
  • The Jonesport Raffle and Numerous Other Maine Veracities (1969)
  • Twelve Grindstones or, A Few More Good Ones, being another cultural roundup of Maine folklore, sort of, although not intended to be definitive, and perhaps not so cultural, either (1970)
  • The Shag Bag: More Stuff From Maine (1972), a collection of Maine tales and ancedotes.
  • Maine Lingo: Boiled Owls, Billdads & Wazzats (1975): Glossary that furnishes the reader with the terminologies of lobstermen, seafarers, farmers and lumbermen of the state's legendary North Woods.
  • Glass Eyes By the Bottle: Some Conversations About Some Conversation Pieces (1975)
  • This Trifling Distinction: Reminiscences from Down East (1978)
  • Next Time Around: Some Things Pleasantly Remembered (1983)
  • No Other Place (1984): The setting for this novel is the area of Penobscot Bay around 1611, when Maine was claimed by both France and England. Jabez Knight stakes out a claim to 500 acres and builds a homestead at Morning River, where he lives with his family.
  • Stitch in Time (1985), observations on coastal Maine village inhabitants
  • Wines of Pentagoet (1986): Continues the saga of the friends and enemies of Elzada Knight, who live on Morning River in "The Maine" before the American Revolution. Sequel to No Other Place.
  • Old Hundredth (1987): Humorous tales of Maine.
  • There Goes Maine!: A Somewhat History, Sort of, of the Pine Tree State (1990), an irreverant guide to Maine history
  • Funny About That (1992)
  • It Is Not Now: Tales from Maine's Back River (1993)
  • Dispatches from Maine: 1942-1992 (1994): A collection of essays originally published in the Christian Science Monitor; capture the distinct flavor of rural America and the people and concerns of Maine specifically.
  • Maine's Golden Road: A Memoir (1995): Narrative of retreats Gould and his daughter's father-in-law made over the years
  • Our Croze Nest (1997), A novel of Morning River Farm, far downeast on the Coast of Maine, at a time when summer people have discovered the state
  • Tales from Rhapsody Home (Or, What They Don't Tell You About Senior Living) (2000)

The Christian Science Monitor provides an annotated bibliography of the works listed above, as well as Gould's own exegesis of his life. Gould died on 1 Sept. 2003.

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