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CJ Stevens (1927 - )

Image of CJ  Stevens
CJ Stevens
(1927 - )
Genre: Short Stories, Non-Fiction, Poetry

Although he has travelled extensively and lived in Portugal, Ireland, England, Holland, and Malta, Clysle Julius Stevens (aka John Stevens Wade) is a native Mainer, born in Smithfield on 8 Dec. 1927, and he and his wife, Stella, are current residents. He earned a B.S. from Connecticut State Teachers College (now Central Connecticut State College) in 1953. Stevens is very prolific, publishing over 500 stories, poems, textbook articles, translations, and books during his writing career, on a variety of topics; book titles include those listed below. Detailed descriptions and a photo of Stevens are found on his website.


  • Lawrence at Tregerthen (1988; biographical, about DH Lawrence)
  • The Next Bend in the River (1989; about gold in Maine)
  • One Day with a Goat Herd (1992; about goat herding)
  • Maine Mining Adventures (1994)
  • The Cornish Nightmare (1996; DH Lawrence and the War years)
  • The Buried Treasures of Maine (1997)
  • Storyteller: The Life of Erskine Caldwell (2000)
  • The Supernatural Side of Maine (2002), about out-of-body experiences, witches, haunted houses, alien abductions, and Mainers who have come face to face with the supernatural.
  • The Miracle of Bryan Pearce (2004), the story of a brain-damaged Cornish boy who became a nationally-acclaimed artist.
  • Memoirs of a Maine Gold Hunter (2005), about CJ and Stella's experience panning for gold, finding war artifacts, and generally searching for treasure.

Poetry and Stories

  • Loose Stones: First Poems (1954), under the name Clysle Stevens
  • Climbs of Uncertainty (1961)
  • Two from Where It Snows, Northeast Chapbook Series (1964, with John Judson)
  • Drowning in The Dark (1965)
  • Small World (1966, literary cartoons)
  • Poems from the Lowlands (1967, translator from the Dutch and Flemish)
  • Gallery, Poet & Printer (1969)
  • The Cats in the Colosseum (1973)
  • Well Water and Daisies (1974)
  • Each to His Own Ground (1976)
  • Waterland: A Gathering from Holland (1977, translator from the Dutch)
  • Some of My Best Friends Are Trees, (1978)
  • Homecoming (1979)
  • Up North (1980)
  • From the Flemish of Gaston Burssens (1982, translator)
  • Beginnings and Other Poems (1989)
  • Circling at the Chain's Length: Poems (1991)
  • The Folks from Greeley's Mill and Other Maine Stories (1992)
  • Hang-Ups: Poems (1993)
  • Selected Poems (1995)
  • Confessions: New and Selected Stories (1998)
  • Poems from Holland and Belgium (1999; collected and translated by Stevens)
  • Shepherd Without Sheep (2001)
  • Collected Poems (2003)

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